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24 is the official representative of the Czech Republic’s national treasure — Bohemian crystal. This stone is characterized by impeccable clarity and unsurpassed high quality. Due to the fact that the production bases of glass in the Czech Republic never stopped, it set the tone for the art of glass processing directly all over the world. And the crystal can be viewed at

What are the main secrets of authenticity?

Let’s consider the main ones.

First of all, real Czech crystal must meet the characteristics of transparency, the absence of bubbles, all kinds of scratches, stripes and other defects. The iridescent glow is a special effect that must emanate from it in a certain order in terms of authenticity. That is, if such a shine is observed, we conclude that the product is made of real glass.

Genuine crystal “sings” very well. To make sure of this, rub the crystal suspension with wet fingers, you can also easily tap on it with some hard object — and it will begin to emit melodic lingering ringing. In turn, only dry ringing will be emitted from the glass.

To verify the authenticity, it is also recommended to hold the crystal element in your hands for a long time: real crystal will remain cold for a long time, and the glass, in turn, will heat up in a short time.

In no case is it recommended to purchase crystal products from stores with a relatively dubious reputation. It is best to do business with trusted and well-known manufacturing firms and stores that provide a guarantee of the quality of the goods.

Bohemian crystal is called not just an exquisite interior decoration, but, first of all, the difference of impeccable taste. So the purchase of glasses is an investment in a rather beautiful thing, distinguished by the presence of centuries-old traditions.

In the old days, just like today, Czech crystal is processed with special diamond devices / tools, created through the play of light by adding lead, manganese, iron, and decorated with various precious stones.

History of Czech glass blowers

Glass making is one of the oldest, most sought after and respected crafts in all of Europe. No one denies the presence of glassmakers in various European cities, but the Czech Republic and Venice stand out the most. And, in turn, the glasses produced in the island of Murano were distinguished by such characteristics as: elegance, high transparency and a large number of color effects.

These are all traditional glass-making business carried out by Venetian artisans. However, already in the 13th century, in the historical region of the Czech Republic, called Bohemia, quite worthy analogues of glass of local Italian origin began to appear. Today, Czech crystal and glass are in high demand due to their inherent characteristics of extraordinary transparency.

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